Reclean Household cleaning series

Kaimi Reclean Floor Cleanser

Scope of application

Suitable for cleaning all kinds of waterproof wooden floor, floor tiles, glazed tiles, ceramics, plastic plates, terrazzo and other materials floor.

Product Efficacy

● Professional formula: easily removes the common dust, grease, food stains and other stubborn dirt on the floor, restores the floor original luster. ●Safe and health: no abrasive and bleach, does not damage the floor and wax layer, restrains Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli, protects family health. ● Pleasant fragrance: fresh grass fragrant makes room full of pleasant fragrance.


620g*1 bottle

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Method of application

First unscrew the cap, use scissors to pocket or remove the seal, add about 30g of floor cleaner to each 5kg of water, soak the cloth or mop and then mop the floor. In case of stubborn dirt, take a small amount of this product on mop and use directly.


Please keep away from children; If swallowed or splashed into eyes, call a doctor immediately. In case of special materials, please try it in the hidden place to ensure no harm; Unpolished wood floor or oil products carefully used with caution.

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