Kaimi Detergent King Series

KAIMI DETERGENT KING Bio-enzyme Multi-function Concentrate Detergent(Da Sheng Dunhuang series)

Scope of application

This product is suitable for daily cleaning of a variety of color clothes for removing special dirt.

Product Efficacy

●Denmark bio-enzyme technology: efficient catalytic and automatic resolve dirt, no harm to clothing, high quality washing experience.●Stain removal: professional active bio-enzyme can remove stubborn stains such as Sweat, oil, juice, milk, egg, blood, cocoa, coffee.●Safe ingredient: No added phosphor, fluorescent brightener or alkali.●Scientific formula: derived from natural coconut oil which effectively protects fabric fibers. ●Bacteria-restraining: effectively inhibit E. coli and Staphylococcus aureus, keep clothing away from bacteria and effectively remove odor.●Soft and fluffy: remove static electricity, soft and comfortable, natural skin-friendly. ●Suitable for low temperature:not affected by water temperature or propertry (water hardness), good effect even at low temperatures. ●Instant dissolve into the water: strong detergency, fast effect. ●Orange-scented of Mediterranean: FRESH NEROLI orange blossom fragrance from Mediterranean brings the charming charm of Spain, which allows each inch of clothing to be soaked in the smell of the sun & sea, leaving fragrance in the wind.


350g*1 bottle

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Method of application

Smear the detergent directly on collar and cuffs for pre-treatment, dissolve dirt thoroughly before washing. It is not restricted by water temperature or propertry (water hardness). Common machine washing: 10~15g per load (8kg); Hand washing: 3g for 3-5 pieces of clothing.


Keep away from children and store in cool place. If splashed into the eyes, rinse immediately with water.For easy fade clothing, please try it in the hidden place. Excessive use will not obviously improve the cleaning effect. Do not pre-wash silk or wool laundry with liquid for a long time.

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