Kaimi Detergent King Series

KAIMI DETERGENT KING Wide Bleach Detergent

Scope of application

This product is suitable for daily cleaning of a variety of color clothes for removing special dirt.

Product Efficacy

● Removing special stains without spots: rapidly decomposes sweat stain, blood stain, fruit and vegetable stains, soy sauce stain, blue ink stain and other special stubborn scales on fabric. ● Safety and clothes-caring: keeps colorful and white clothes bright and white, effectively protect the fabric from yellowing and aging. ● Odor-removing and antibacterial: "Reactive oxygen" antibacterial factors adding specially inhibit effectively E. coli and Staphylococcus aureus, eliminate the odor, keep the fabric clean.


1Kg*1 bottle

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Method of application

use this product 30-50g per 3kg of water, can be used with laundry powder at the same time, soaking more than 20 minutes. For tough stains, detergent can be poured directly on it, wipe and soak, increase the amount of the product according to the degree of clothing contamination, improve the water temperature to 40-50 degrees and extend the soaking time to about 1 hour. Following above, the effect will be better.


This product is not drinkable, keep away from children.Not suitable for fading clothes and clothing with metal accessories (such as buttons, zippers). For clothes with indefinite material, first use a drop of liquid in a hidden place for 5 minutes. Do not mix with chlorine bleach chemicals.For people with sensitive skin should wear gloves when using, if the liquid is splashed on the skin, please rinse immediately with clean water.

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